Mrs. Noynaert's Kindergarten Class

Week of January 20, 2015

This Week in Room 508

We had a busy week at school last week! I am so proud of how hard the students are working each and every day.

We got to meet our 1st grade Reading Buddies from Mrs. Dippel's class on Friday. The students did a fantastic job of reading their books to the 1st graders. I was so proud of them! This Friday we will invite them to our class to read.

Readers' Workshop:

We will continue to practice print strategies in texts and practice reading fluently.

Writers' Workshop:

We will be focusing on stretching our words, using sight words and checking the content in small moment stories.

Math Workshop:

We will be discussing attributes of three-dimensional shapes. We will also introduce the concept of one-more and one-less.

Popcorn Words

Words we have studied: I, a, is, and, can, me, like, my, the, at, it, in, see, you, to, am, for, he/she, from, am, go

New this week: so

In addition to popcorn words, we will be discussing a word family every week. Last week we studied the "at" family, and this week we will be discussing the "an" family.


January 28: Early Release Day

January 30: 100th Day of School