The Nuclear Winter is Upon us

Grab your coats, it is going to be a long year!


Nuclear winter (also known as atomic winter) is a largely hypothetical global climatic effect of city and natural wildfire firestorms. It is most frequently suggested to manifest as a result of the combined combustion pollution from the burning of at least 100 city sized areas at firestorm-intensity.
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The Days of Radiaton.

If you survive the eye-popping flashes of light and the ear-ringing bangs of the bombs, you better take shelter. For the next few days, it will rain highly radioactive particles only. This will not stop for almost three whole days and it will pour radioactive rain for hundreds of kilometers around the impact site of each bomb. You should also stay inside for a year until the radioactive levels start to drop. Surface temperatures would plunge for a few weeks as a consequence, perhaps by as much as 20 degrees to 40 degrees F.

Cause of Nuclear Winter:

The basic cause of nuclear winter, as hypothesized by researchers, would be the numerous and immense fireballs caused by exploding nuclear warheads. These fireballs would ignite huge uncontrolled fires (firestorms) over any and all cities and forests that were within range of them
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Steps to survive:

1. Avoid Impact zones

2. Scavenge

3. Eat insects

4. Travel alone

5. Learn to recognize cannibals

6. Arm Yourself

7. Cover up

8. Execute/Release Pets

9. Abandon Religious Beliefs

10. Live in the countryside


  • When a nuclear weapon explodes near enough to the ground for its fireball to touch the ground, it forms a crater.
  • outbreaks of diseases
  • plants will die within weeks
  • Storms and hurricanes will harass the costal areas due to temperature changes.