Skeletal System

Body Systems Project Part 7

Purpose of the Skeletal System

To create a framework for the body that holds up the muscle and tissue.

Provides a frame for which the muscles and tendons can hold on to and enables body movement.


A fibrous tissue that connects bone to bone, holding it in place.


contractable tissue that is used for movement of the various parts of the body, usually at joints.


a tissue used to connect muscle to bone that allows movement of the bones, as well as the rest of the body.


a system of specialized cells that moves throughout the body that picks up stimuli from the body.

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A disease common among the elderly that causes the tissue of the bones to become fragile. There is no cure and medication is usually the only treatment, it can be prevented by maintaining strong and healthy bones.


the cancer of the white blood cells. It causes more under matured white blood cells to release that attacks the tissues causing pain and bruises. There is no cure but in rare cases it can be expelled from the body. It is mildly common and can happen to anyone at any age.