Green Revolution and GMO's

In World War II, the British rulers made food production and supplies in India a small priority to focus on the war effort. This caused a drop in food production in the area. Conditions got worse when Indian farmers hoarded food to sell them at a higher price.

Things done during green revolution

expansion of farmlands. Double cropping. Using seeds with improved genetics

Benefits of the green revolution

Record grain out put of 131 million tons. Yield per unit of farmland improved by more than 30 percent between 1947 and 1979.


Sociological- The Green Revolution created many jobs not only in the agricultural section, but also industrial workers because of factories and hydro-electric power station.

Economic-Created plenty of jobs, not just agricultural but industrial jobs.

Political-India paid back all loans it had taken from the World Bank.

Why not success

parts in India have famine-like conditions India still has to import

GMO fun

Less herbicides, beeter nutrients, higher yield, longer shelf life, resistance to insects, disease resistance


Destroys ecosystems, ruins food chains, increases salinization, desertification, not long term viable