Africa and the Atlantic World

Perry Powell Gautam Sapre

Social Effects

Slavery was very detrimental to African American standing in America. Even now, African Americans live for the most part in poverty. They earn less than people of other races, get worse schooling, and racism is rampant.

Plantation System

In the plantation system there was a single family that owned many slaves. The slaves worked in agriculture and as servants. They grew crops such as indigo, tobacco, cotton, and sugarcane.


Slaves often ran away from plantations through things like the Underground Railroad. Sometimes they would revolt against their owners violently. Other times they would refuse to work, do bad work, spit in their masters drinks/food.


Because of slavery, there are fewer African Americans in government. This is because until recently they weren't allowed at all, and laws such as the 3/5 compromise made it harder for them to vote.