North Glendale Family Update

August 9, 2020

Good morning!

Time is flying by and we are just 17 days from the start of 2020-2021!

Even with how different it will feel to be in a virtual learning environment to start ~ we are getting excited! Teachers and I have been learning a great deal about teaching in the virtual environment and we look forward to engaging with the kids.

You will see the schedules for the school day below. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more information on ways to get the kids ready to re-engage with school and your teachers are working hard to ensure that the first days of online learning are all about engaging the kids, building relationships and getting that classroom community up and running. While this is a focus every year, because we had no closure last year after a long shut down and have to start virtually....the focus is heightened.

Please know that that responsibility is not lost on anyone at NG. We miss the kids, we worry about them and we only want the to be excited about school again!

In partnership,

Jennifer Sisul

Schedules for Virtual Learning

Thank you all so much for your patience as the five elementary schools worked hard to come to a consistent schedule. You will notice some immediate differences from last Spring:

  • A dedicated time each day for interventions
  • A dedicated time for Social Emotional Learning
  • Specials will be synchronous ("live" teaching) everyday
  • The day more closely resembles a school day
  • Lunches are consistent K-5

I am attaching two versions of each grade level. They are the same in content, but I really like the version that shows synchronous and asynchronous times the kids will be learning.

  • Synchronous: real time
  • Asynchronous: kids are working independently or in small groups

In this version, you can very clearly see that the DARK RED times are times the kids need to be in their zoom, learning spots, ready to go. The PINK'ISH blocks are times the kids are then practicing the skills they just were taught.

The other schedule is quite colorful as it is coded by topic.

Kindergarten Schedules

1st Grade Schedules

2nd Grade Schedules

3rd Grade Schedules

4th Grade Schedules

5th Grade Schedules

All Schedules

More Schedule and Tech Information Will be Coming Soon!

I will be forwarding information about topics pertinent to the school day such as:

  • Specials Schedules
  • Schoology Info and Sign In
  • Support for iPad Updates
  • Norms for Online Learning (Zoom Do's and Don'ts!) we finalize!

3rd Grade iPads

Families of 3rd graders should have received an email from me yesterday with our first dates and procedures for iPad case swap-outs. Please let me know if you did not receive. This does not apply to families who are new to NG ~ we will have a separate process for your iPad pick up closer to August 26th.

What About Supplies?

As our supply list were published much earlier this summer, we will not be ADDING anything to the lists. We may not get to use everything ON the current lists right way, but we all for sure as we move through the year.

Do We Get To Meet Our Teachers?

Yep, we are firming up plans for some face to face and some zoom opportunities!

Free and Reduced Lunch Information and Application

For more information about the Free and Reduced Lunch program, please visit our Food Services website. If you need a hard copy for the Free/Reduced lunch application, please send an e-mail to requesting one and include your mailing address. A hard copy will be mailed to you.

Please note that all these forms may be emailed directly back to, may be dropped off at our front office, or may be mailed to:

Kirkwood School District

Attn: Shanon Orelup

11289 Manchester Rd

Kirkwood MO 63122

All information and inquiries will remain confidential.

Letter to Parents

Application Instructions


District FSM Policy for Meal Charges

Parent MO HealthNet Request for Info

Public Release

KSD N.O.W. - Nutrition on the Weekends: Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year

Kirkwood School District offers the KSD N.O.W. program to supply an array of nutritious, non-perishable meals and snacks for children experiencing food insecurity over weekends and extended breaks, free of charge. During the 2020-21 school year, boxes will be distributed to families at their homes via delivery in a discrete and caring manner once per month.

If you wish for your child(ren) to participate in the program, please complete the online form. Only one form is needed for all the school-aged children in your family, but please include information for each child on the form. This information is kept confidential between KSD N.O.W. and your child’s school.

Once your child is signed up, they will receive boxes of food each month of the school year or until you no longer wish to participate. KSD N.O.W. operates with a first come, first served model. If your form is received after the capacity has been reached, you will be placed on a waitlist.

If you have any questions or need a paper form, please contact program coordinator Emilie Lytton at All inquiries will remain confidential.

Thank you.

If you have unmet food needs for your family, including older children, babies, or toddlers, please contact KirkCare at 314-965-0406 or dial 2-1-1 for referrals to food banks and social services in your area.

In order to receive support through KSD N.O.W. for the 2020-21 school year, please complete the online registration at

ALL FAMILIES MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM TO PARTICIPATE IN KSD N.O.W. Students who currently participate will not automatically be re-enrolled.

Meet Ups with Mrs. Sisul!

I am going to begin offering times to "socially-distantly" meet as many NG kids (and their adults!) as possible. Even though we are starting the school year online we are still the NG family! I will continue to post sign ups every Sunday, even after school starts. If you would prefer I come to you, I am happy to do so! Just reach out separately and we will find a time.

Sign Ups for the Week of August 10

NEW: Sign Ups for the Week of August 17

In order to accommodate as many kids as possible, the visits will be short and sweet and will probably include the obligatory popsicle and selfie!

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