By: Dalton Castleberry

My animal

My animal is made only for it's environment. It provides some the supplies to live in my environment. My animal is made of six different other things.

The ecosystem my animal is made for. My animal is only made for the tundra. My animal is made for harsh climates of me environment. My place I will be in is rocky in some places.

My animal is made of cotton, horse, cow, bamboo, tree, camel, and grapes. I mixed the cotton to keep my animal warm in the winter. I mixed cow in it for milk. The reason I mixed horse with is for power.

Tundra Biome Project

My remixed animal

My animal is shaped like a horse. The tail is bamboo and tree mixed. My animal has grapes growing out of his body. The fur on my animal is made of cotton. My animal stomach is cow for milk.

My animal eats mostly grass. It also drinks allot of water. My animal eats grapes when he produces them.

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