Tech Bulletin #10

Monday 8th December 2014

This week...

  • Mon 08/12/14 - Y5 computing lessons either side of KS1 production
  • Tues 09/12/14 - No Y4 computing due to concert rehearsals
  • Wed 03/12/14 - LTMs at SSV

No computing next week / HUB next week

Next week the touch screen PCs for the HUB will arrive. It is likely that the HUB will be closed at the beginning of next week while they are installed. RM Easimath groups will need to use the Media Centre PCs. Since this work is going on and not all classes in each year group will have an available computing slot next week, there will be no computing. I'll be using that time to finalise the class set of iPads and plan for term 2. See below as well!

Extra PPA/non-contact

Last week each class teacher had some extra PPA time during their computing lesson. I did promise to offer some time back or do a duty for all teachers and TAs. Since there is no computing next week I'll do it then. I'll send out a timetable at some point this week.

This is the last Tech Bulletin for 2014! Happy holidays!

Have a good week!