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Our shop sells the best tuna bread in town!!

For someone who isn’t that keen on bread, I love the soft texture and that special taste.

Best Tuna Bread In Town

Due to our bread promotion, one bread will cost : $3.00 3 breads will cost : $2.00

why i like it

> Because outside of the bread is golden brown which makes it crunchy and inside of the bread has a soft and sweet texture that u were certainly love it.

>Other then the bread itself,we have multiple choices of spices to your liking.

> Generally,it is well-garnished and well-presented.

25% Sales 75% Discounts

  • There will be a whole lot of sales and discounts during this weekends.While stocks still last please do come down and grab a delicious Tuna bread,3-4 breads u bought will have vouchers awarded.

It will attracts the teen,youth and elderly to consume it.