Ernest Hemingway

Journalist, novelist, and writer of short stories.

Major Accomplishments

Some of Hemingway’s most well-known works included the novels A Farewell to Arms (1929), The Sun Also Rises (1926), and The Old Man and the Sea (1952), as well as the landmark short story In Our Time (1925). He won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1953 and the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954.

Life in Paris

Richardson and Hemingway decided to marry, and they originally wanted to travel Rome, but novelist Sherwood Anderson convinced them to travel in Paris. After receiving a "letter of introduction" from Anderson, Hemingway met and became acquainted with some of Paris's most well-known writers, including Gertrude Stein and James Joyce, who would influence him to become the writer that he is famous as, today. From 1925 to 1929, he produced some of the most important and influential works of the 20th century(see Major Accomplishments above), and his works made him the "most important writer of his generation."