Elizabeth M.

Arriving at NIcaragua

During my very first airplane trip to Nicaragua, I was starting to feel a bit dizzy and sick. I was only five years old and couldn’t stop crying, so the flight attendant gave me his pin. After seven dreadful hours, we finally landed in Nicaragua where we met up with my aunt and uncle. As my uncle was driving the car, I was surprised to not see as much traffic like in Wisconsin. Not many cars were on the street, only people were laughing,and chatting in huge crowds. Most of the houses were super close to each other and tall. When we arrived at my grandma’s house, which was my mom’s childhood home, the doors were so huge! As I was entering, Half of the roof was even over our heads. It was all open which was pretty cool. This was when I arrived at Nicaragua.

Horse Buggies

A couple days later from our arrival we went out walking to look at the different sights around the town of Granada. As we were strolling on the side of the street, we spotted some horse buggies. My cousin Kevin got that horse buggy which was an old fashioned carriage with white horses that contained black spots. Not my favorite though. My cousin Isabella went the next day. She got a white carriage with white horses that had long colorful ribbons. This one was my favorite one, because it’s colors were so bright and it was awesome inside of the carriage. Finally, it was my turn. Sadly, I got the worse horse buggy. It was all rusty, brown and dirty, but the horses were huge and black. It was an awesome experience to be in front of a horse buggy.


On the second to last day in Nicaragua, we went to visit my great grandfather’s old farm. He had a black horse that was so nice and kind to everyone who petted him. The land was drying up from the cause of heat, so most of the crops weren’t growing well. My mom’s grandpa paid some workers so they could do all the cropping. You could hear them shoveling and grunting as they worked hard to get their payment. Throughout the day at the farm, my mom made me try papaya which was so yummy! Most of all I had the best time of my life in Nicaragua.