Egg Rolls

By : Cole Krautkramer


Egg rolls originated thousands of years ago during the Sung dynasty which was from 992 A.D. to 1126 A.D. ( A.D. is anno domini which mean during the time of christ ) and was first called Spring Cakes. Egg rolls are a large variety of filled, rolled appetizers that were first made in East Asia, but have spread throughout the world as a main part of Asian cuisine. Another name for an egg roll is a spring roll.


During the Chinese New Year ( also known as the Spring Festival ) is when egg rolls are especially popular. Food offerings are common during this festival and egg rolls are given to beings such as the Kitchen God to symbolize money, wealth, and gold. Just as we eat black eyed peas on New Years, egg rolls, since they are shaped like a gold bar, are eaten on the Chinese New Year as symbol of wealth and prosperity for the coming year.

How Egg Rolls Are Made

Egg rolls can be made in 6 easy steps.

Step 1. Preheat your deep fryer or frying pan.

Step 2. Stuff your rolls with filling and do not allow seepage. Place your wrapper in the shape of a diamond. Put your filling into the center of the egg roll wrappers.

Step 3. Wrap your rolls. Take the bottom of the wrapper and fold in to the front. Fold the 2 sides into the middle and roll towards the front.

Step 4. Seal the egg roll with an egg wash. It will act as a glue to keep the egg roll from falling apart.

Step 5. Cook your egg rolls. Place 3 - 4 egg rolls into the fryer/pan until golden brown.

Step 6. Serve immediately. Egg rolls are best served right after they are done cooking.