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The Waitstrip provides a concrete visual representation of increments of time, amount of steps to be completed, number of minutes to work, number of math problems to be completed etc. It is a visual guide that allows an individual to remain on task or focused for a duration of time. Get the Waitstrip app in the iTunes app store for only $.99.

Teacher Web Tools


Academic search engine that makes academic information easier to access than typical search engines. Refseek cuts down on the overload of non-academic search results by eliminating sponsored links and commercial search results.
Features include:

  • Search web
  • Search documents
  • Related search terms provided
  • Search within a site for more detailed search results


With Glogster students create multimedia posters and reports infused with animations, audio, and video. (No more 2D posterboard and coloring pens!) Impressive product with strong educational outreach program. Free Basic and Premium account options. Can set up a class account. There is also a good Glogster Overview on their site to help you get started. Download the Glogster app for your mobile device to take your posters with you wherever you go!

Education Resource Center

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Cannon-Clary College of Education

Harding University

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