Prarie Dogs and Fallow Deer

By Wyatt Gonzalez

Black Tailed Prairie Dog (Cynomys Ludovicianis)

Black Tailed Prairie Dogs are small North American rodents. They weigh 2 to 4 pounds, and are about 12 to 15 inches tall. The males and female are the same size. Their entire body is a light brown color with some parts under the armpit a bit darker brown, for better camouflage. The most noticeable feature is a black tip on their tail, giving them their name. It has small ears on the sides of its head, a long body, small front paws, long claws, and a short black tipped tail. The Black Tailed Prairie Dog is a herbivore so it has bid teeth in the back for munching and smaller teeth in the front to cut/ bite grasses. In Texas, they may be found in western areas and the panhandle. They are most common in any big plains area in the world. Prairie Dogs were declared pests in Wyoming so they may be hunted as much as liked in that area. Mating Season runs from February through March. A month after mating the female will have three to four pups. The pups are born naked with their eyes closed.

Follow Deer (Dama Dama)

Fallow Deer are A light brown color with white spots on their backs and their head. On their underbelly, lower neck, and all four legs they are white. Although other variations exist, this is by far the most common. Adult bucks are 55–63 inches long and 33–37 inches shoulder height, and typically 130–220 lb in weight. Does are 51–59 inches long, 30–33 inches shoulder height, and 66–110 lb in weight. Only bucks have antlers, which are broad and shovel-shaped from three years. In the first two years the antler is a single spike. Fallow Deer only have teeth in the back of their mouth for munching. They usually have about 4 deciduous teeth. They do much of their feeding in large grassy areas because there is an abundance of grass for them to eat. This type of deer has been introduced to 93 Texas counties, primarily in the Edward's Plateau region. To hunt this exotic animal in Texas you need a valid hunting license, the landowner's permission, and you cant hunt on a public road or right of way. Peak breeding activity takes place in October. During their mating season, bucks mark off and defend a territory, from which other males are excluded. Females and young may remain. As each doe comes into heat, she is fallowed until mating is completed.

(Black Tailed Prairie Dog)