New Beginnings

Farewell 2014-2015! Looking ahead to summer & 2015-2016!

New Kid on the Block

I am excited to be part of the Weaverville Elementary Team! I have heard great things about your school from parents, students, and colleagues. I look forward to us having an exciting year together as we learn, grow and develop ourselves as "leaders" so we can help our students develop their own leadership skills. Feel free to contact me via email, text or phone (828) 552-2238.


Survey says! Please take a moment to complete these short surveys to help me get to know you better. In addition, I encourage you to stop by this summer to chat. I don't want to schedule times because your priority this summer is relaxation and fun! Please just give me a call to make sure I am available. I look forward to meeting with each of you individually so we can get to know each other better.

Here are the links:

Classroom Teacher Survey:

Specialist Survey:

"All the other important people" Survey: