Decision Points in Compass

What are they, and why do you need them?

The 5 Ws

Who: Elizabeth Nash, our Compass trainer

What: Compass mini-workshop

When:Friday, December 4

Where:Room 113

Why:Because every teacher has an SLO learning path with quizzes. Adding decision points will make the SLO learning path more effective!


Decision Point mini-lesson/presentation **note-takers take note!

Q and A

Add Decision Points to SLO learning paths**be sure that your laptop is charged

Feedback form

Guaranteed to be productive and useful.

Q-What if I have other Compass needs?

A-You will have an opportunity to touch base with Elizabeth during the workshop time.

Q-Is my Compass SLO learning path viable?

A-Yes! You'll want to make this improvement, though. Trust me.

Q-How can I worry about Decision Points? I don't even have weekly reports down!

A-Decision Points on your SLO learning path are unrelated to weekly reports. You can learn about this without getting weekly reports.