On the heart of each sister lies one key that binds us

A conversation that took place when six coeds stood face to face, began what now has come to be the sisterhood of KKG.

As each potential new member spent time meeting your chapter members, who knew there would be so much to share, these conversations have blossomed into lasting friendships.

And now you have the joy of calling each other "sister!"

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I unlocked the gate with a golden key

Stepped inside to a garden of blue,

There bloomed a profusion of Fleur de Lis

Ne're fore had I seen such a view

And I knew t'was the end of my wandering

Never more would I wander afar

For I've come to my heaven in Kappa land

T'was unlocked with the key to my heart.

Once Again the Circle Opens

Kappa gladly welcomes newly initiated sisters of Beta District

Gamma Epsilon, Delta Alpha, Delta Phi, Delta Xi,

Zeta Beta, Zeta Iota, Zeta Phi

Your newest members are Kappa's future. Help guide them to learn about our ritual and her history. I encourage you to share 5 favorite facts about your chapter at your meetings.

As much as each chapter is unique unto itself it also has so much that identifies with the ideals of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Friendship, loyalty and trust are held dear by all who wear the golden key.

Kappa provides an opportunity to express oneself and allows the chance to help others and to receive support from friends, Kappa is womanhood, individuality, commitment, lasting friendship and love, Kappa is for a lifetime.


The future of Kappa continues with the initiation of new members at 7 chapters this fall! I want to thank all the Advisory & House Boards that assist our chapters with so many necessary tasks during recuitment and our ritual ceremonies. Our chapter members often reflect how fortunate they are to have so many Kappa women supporting them. Snacks refreshments, buffet meals, pizza parties, breakfast on initiation morning. The list goes on & is truly appreciated. Thank you for your time and interest you generously provide!

We have a few chapters that don't have much help with advisors or alumnae support- Delta Phi, Gamma Rho, Epsilon Omega, Zeta Lambda & Zeta Phi. Contact me if your association would like to "adopt" any of these chapters in Beta!

The Advisory & House Board at Zeta Beta- Lafayette is recruiting advisors for the new chapter council of officers. Betsy Dziedzic and Sue Michels are working on re- organizing the Lehigh Valley Alumni Association. If you know any Kappa Alums living in the Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton area please contact Betsy Betsy.Dziedzic@gmails.com.

The Founders Day Luncheon continues to be a successful tradition with the Philadelphia Association and Zeta Iota at Villanova celebrating at Waynesborogh CCwith close to 150 actives and alumni members in attendance.


I ask you all Association Presidents to please put me on your email list for program announcements, newsletters, holiday sharing, minutes, etc. This allows me a better opportunity to get to know your association.

Have a beautiful and blessed holiday season!

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First let me congratulate those Chapters who conducted a successful Initiation this semester. Coordinating everything with the actives and new members is a daunting task. Our Ritual is what binds us together. Every chapter conducts the same ceremony whether in Pittsburgh, Easton, Princeton or State College. Take note of what you think worked best in your workshop and what you can suggest for your successor.

Now is the ideal time to take inventory of initiation equipment, condition of robes & ribbons, batteries, silver bowls, trays, silk vines etc. The Ritual equipment report located under officer reports is an excellent checklist to review now. A few chapters have ordered new runners, banners & gavels. CALA Apparel is our official supplier for initiation needs. You can create a wish list for your House Board to purchase for your chapter. This list can be passed on to your newly elected Marshal this month.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to ensure your new sisters have experienced our cherished Ritual of Kappa Kappa Gamma.


Thursday, Dec. 15th, 12pm


Thank you for taking the responsibility of keeping track of your chapter members, composites and most importantly your Chapter History.

This is your chapter's opportunity to share the events and special occasions celebrated. Tell all about your Hoots & Salutes!

It is your current Registrar's responsibility to complete this report before transferring your office. The due date is December 15 and this is a very busy time of year with finals and holiday celebrations. I suggest you utilize chapter minutes and chapter council to recall highlight your hallmark events held during your office. You can send this report as soon as it is completed, you don't have to wait till Dec 15!

email a copy to :

Ritual & History Specialist: Georgi. Clymer@kkg.org

Fraternity Archivist/ Museum Diretor: ksmith@kkg.org

Chapter Registrar Advisor

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