Trouble Twisters By: Garth Nix


Book Recommendation

Trouble twisters was an amazing book. It was adventurous and mysterious. I recommend this book because it always left you wondering what would happened next after ever chapter ends. I like this book because it is wondrous and mysterious and that is what I like in a book. I don't like it because in the beginning it doesn't give a hint on what's going on, so I was confused a little in the beginning. Trouble twisters is an amazing book and I recommend this book to everyone.


The theme in Trouble twisters is the power of two is unbreakable and that two is better than one. I know the theme is that because in the book Jaide and Jack are always working together to figure everything out and are always loving and being kind to one another.




The setting takes place in Portland, a little town by the sea. Portland wasn't one of Portland's anybody had heard of. It was very small, it had only one school, two parks, one part-time cinema, and a street with half a dozen shops. Grandma X lived Watchward Lane, really nobody even knew it was there. Grandma X's house was a white, three-story, mysterious, and weird house. The affect the setting has on Jaide and Jack is Portland is where their parents are from and where the Evil is. Jack and Jaide have to try to destroy the Evil with their powers. The setting is in the present , because Jack and Jaide find lots of "old" things.


The cats is the symbolism in the story. Ari and Kleo are Grandma X's cats. Ari and Kleo change through-out the story as Jack and Jaide's powers start to grow and as they keep on getting closer to figuring every out. Kleo and Ari start to talk and have conversations with the twins. They also start helping them and giving them clues ands hints to figuring everything out. The cats represent as something much more than just ordinary cats. At first Jaide and Jack didn't like Ari and Kleo, they just thought they were weird and ordinary. But at the end, Ari and Kleo are Jack and Jaide's friends and family. the cats helped the twins through everything. The twins wouldn't have accomplish the mission without them.
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