Since the 90s

Fashion: Underoos

Underoos was a revolutionary design for children underwear. Kids had the ability to be their favourite superhero while wearing them. These types of superhero underwear are still around today; the market for these items is also still thriving. It is considered a trend, because the products are still around and available in today's market.
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Boys Underoos - 1979

Food: Airheads

This taffy candy brand was created in 1986. The popularity and ability to last in the tough candy market makes Airheads a trend. Since Airheads are still popular and in today's marketplace, it has been a very successful product.

Movies: Home Alone

Since the movie first came out in 1990, there have been 3 other movies to add as a sequel. The funny, relatable character really connects with the targeted audiences, which allows for these movies to be very successful. Considering that the movie is still popular and there have been 3 others movies made based off of it, Home Alone is considered a trend.
Home Alone Trailer

Music: Journey

Since the early 80s, this rock band was extremely popular. They delivered countless hits and great performances to their audiences. Although their stardom lasted quite a long time, they are still considered a fad. Often times in the music industry, a song or a band can only be popular for a certain period of time. It is rare that an artist or band will ever stay famous year after year.

Television: Barney and Friends

Since 1987, the recognizable Barney character and his show have been a hit among young children. They are drawn to his kind, understanding personality which is why the show has been so successful. Barney is a TV show that is a part of a trend. There have been so many shows similar to it, and it will most likely still be successful in the years to come.
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Toys: Bop It

The 1996 game proved to be popular among children, which is why it is still sold today. Despite this, the handheld game is a fad. The amount of games avaialble to people today makes it almost impossible for a games to be successful for a long period of time.
Hasbro Bop It Commercial