Mr. Librock's U.S. History class.

period 5


This year we will be covering U.S. history up until the war on terrorism. We will start by reviewing the nations that first explored america, we will look at the factors that lead to the war on terrorism, and explore all of the great American history in between!!!

Course work.

In my course you should expect to have homework 3 times a week that will consist of textbook reading, current event projects, and note taking on the readings. There will be 7 papers throughout the year on various topics that we will be covering. After every chapter there will also be an in class exam. This is all geared towards helping you prepare to achieve the highest grade you can on the state mandated test at the end of the year.

Our goal is to learn the History of this great nation and have fun doing it!!!

Class room layout.

When you come into class on the first day you are allowed to sit where you want. But if it becomes a problem throughout the year I will reserve the right to move you. In the classroom will be a book shelf filled with great historical works that you may use to further your knowledge on a subject and as references for your papers. Homework will be collected at the beginning of class and graded assignments will be passed back at the end.

Contact info

If you have any questions this is where you can reach me. I am usually pretty good at responding quickly and providing an answer that will help your inquiry.