What is Chatterkid?

Chatterkid is a fun, interactive app that allows you to add a mouth and voice to any picture. It limits the recording to 30 seconds, forcing students to be concise and think about their words! This is a great way to get your kids speaking and listening!
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A Student Example

ChatterKid Example

Getting Started

If you don't have the app on your iPad, go into the App Store and search for "Chatterkid." You will want to download ChatterPix Kids - by Duck Duck Moose. (Not ChatterPix)

Once you open the app, if it's the first time opening it, a video will pop up. Click Done in the top corner to end it early. Or, watch it to learn about the app!

Time to make a video!

Before you can make a video, you need a picture of what you want to make talk in the video. As long as you have one in your camera roll, you are good!

On the opening screen, tap Take Photo. You can take a picture within the app. Or, you can tap on the photos button in the bottom left corner to pick one from your camera roll.

Tap NEXT in the top right corner. On the next screen, draw a line where you want the mouth to be on the image. [Note: This can be frustrating for kids because they want it to match perfectly. It never will! And, it can only be a straight line.] Make sure to draw the mouth from left to right, otherwise it'll open upside down!

Next, it's time to add your voices! Think about what you want to say! Tap the RED microphone, it'll count down 3-2-1 and then start recording! You will see how your 30 seconds counts down while recording. If you finish early, tap the orange stop button. Or, talk until the time runs out!

You can listen to it here by tapping the green play button. If you are happy with it, tap NEXT in the top right corner. If you are not happy with it, tap the red microphone again and record again!

The next page is optional. You can add a filter, stickers, frames and text. You can skip over this part (sometimes it gets a little too much). Tap NEXT in the top right corner.

On the next page, you can play it again if you want. Or, you can tap the right export button (iPad image with arrow). It will save it to your Camera Roll.

[Sometimes it gets hung up here and never goes. You may need to cut the iPad off and back on to force it to your Camera Roll. It always saves in the Gallery in the app - so you won't lose it! This is a known glitch in the app. We just make it happen!]

How Do I Get Credit?

Email your example to Renee & Ann for credit! :)