Baby Sitting Available

The best Business in Town

About me

I'm Jacob, and I'm 13. I like to be active, so I am active with kids, like going outside and playing. I like to interact with the kids I babysit, and I make sure that the kids are having fun.

I have a lot of experience with babysitting kids, and I enjoy doing it. My mom used to babysit, and I have learned from watching her.

You can call me at 319-668-1652

I'm available almost all the time.

The best times that I'm available are at nights, but I can also do weekends.

Your kids will have a blast with me, and they will want me to come back again and again

What I work for

3 kids and under- I Usually work for four to five dollars an hour.

4+ kids-I would like seven to eight dollars an hour

Don't forget that I am pretty flexible when it comes to being payed.


Thank you, I know me and your kids will have the times of their lives.

Please give me a call.