comparing Uganda and Spain

compared by population-average life expectancy.


The population of Uganda is 35,918,915

and the population of Spain is 47,737,941

The biggest difference between the countries is that in Spain way more people can live longer, in Uganda most of the population are children because they are not able to live as long.

the current population structure in terms of age and gender [females% in Spain is 50.6, and males% in Spain is 49.4]

and the current population structure in terms of age and gender [females% in Uganda is 50.0, and males% in Spain is 50.0]

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life expectancy in Spain is around 82.38 years and in Uganda it is 58.65 years. many people farm in rural areas and coffee is an important export. near lakes, the threat of malaria is high and this disease poses a huge problem for the people in Uganda. the predominant national groups among the immigrants in Spain are people from the European union (about 50%), followed by natives of the northern Africa (30%, predominantly moroccans) and latin america (20%).
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Ugandas population in 2000 was 2.72 and now the population has increased to 3.24, and the population of Spain in 2000 was 0.11 and now it has increased to 0.81. Uganda expects a population explosion within the next few 2030, the population of spain will reach 46.6 million, a decrease of 1.8% from 2015.

there are food shortages in Uganda and thats being blamed on unpredictable weather as a result of climate change. Spain has a medium risk in its food supply, and this can affect the population if the food supply drops then there is a higher risk of people either leaving the area or starving

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Significant health care in Spain/Uganda

The most common health problems in Uganda are relatively minor ones that are also found in the United States such as colds, diarrhea, skin infections, headaches, dental problems, adjustment disorders, and alcohol abuse. the health and medical care provided in Spain equals any available in Europe and in many cases is better

Current Events causing changes in population/environmental problems

Spain: pollution of the Mediterranean Sea from raw sewage and effluents from the offshore production of oil and gas; water quality and quantity nationwide; air pollution; deforestation.Most Ugandans are completely reliant on natural resources to survive. Forests provide fuel-wood and cleared land frees arable soil for agriculture. Uganda loses about 6,000 hectares of forests every 30 days according. If no action is registered by 2050, Uganda’s per capita forest cover will be zero
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