Ancient Egyptian Beverages

By.Scott Gandy


Ancient Egyptian beer was a drink that egyptians had daily like with every meal.The beer was not fizzy like it is today it was more thick.The beer has less alcohol level then it does today.Egyptians did not have beer called hops or anything like we have today.Beer back then was made with wheat barley and even to sweeten it up they used honey.

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Beer was apart of the Egyptians religion.Kid were even able to drink beer.Egyptians would usally drink beer until they got drunk cause it was a low alcohol level.Egyptians beer alcohol level was three point four percent.Modern day beer has five percent alcohol level.Workers usally got beer for a daily allowance.The poor would drink beer the rich would drink wine.Now at one time the Egyptians had got with the British and they made King Tut's brew.
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Beer is an extremely ancient product. Some anthropologists have even claimed that barley was first cultivated not for bread but for beer.Bread also was used in the process of making the other staple in the diet of the Ancient Egyptians.Beer was drunk by both the young and the old and its intoxicating properties were highly valued for various religious festivals.