Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston is an amazing city crawling with modern beauty.


Deliciousness awaits you in Kingston. Seafood is a yes, it has so many different kinds of shrimp, fish, and crabs. If you don't like seafood, you're missing out.


Can you speak the language mon? Everyone speaks English, so you don't have to learn a foreign language. But some people speak dialect, an old form of English, as their second language.


Dive in the waves, or climb mountains. Hot, humid air with a cooling ocean breeze. Average sumer temperature is only 80 degrees feranheit. Mountains are usually 40 degrees feranheit. Rainy seasons are May-June and September-November. Fantastic weather for outdoor sports.


What fun places are in Kingston? It has great drive in and walk in theaters. Delicious sports bars and cafes with yummy seafood. Kingston has peaceful spas, perfect to relax.

Also it has beautiful sunny beaches. Kingston is full of accommodations for the whole family.


Kingston is a culturally interesting place. People in Kingston love their country. They wear black, yellow, and red crocheted hats much like the flag. Along with the hat, a popular hairstyle is called dreadlocks. Usually worn by men, the hair is twisted up and never cut. Young people go to Kingston looking for fame because a lot of country events are held there. Long ago, the Spanish and English fought for jamaica. English culture still roams there. Most Jamaicans are christian and have great churches. Jamaicans like to listen to reggae music, made with steel drums. A deceased but treasured famous reggae singer was Bob Marley. Kingston is a great place to learn.
Bob Marley - Don't worry be Happy

Historical Sites

Surprise your eyes with landmarks. The historic Rio Nuevo was the water source for an old Spanish suburb. Big mountains to climb and gasp at the beauty. A dazzling light house, oldest in Jamaica is perfect for the romantic couple. Have fun with that special someone.