By Trevor Henley

Definition and Interesting Info!

Lipids- Lipids is a molecule that is partially composed of a chain of hydrocarbons-carbons in association with the hydrogen molecules.

Interesting Facts:

1. Lipids means fat.

2. Another group of lipids is called Saturated and Unsaturated.

3. There are 3 groups of Lipids.

4. Plants store Lipids in there seeds. When needed they can revert those Lipids back into Fatty Acids.


Lipids can be found in Wax, Chewing Gum, Nail Polishes, and even Vitamins!

Pictures of Lipids!

Functions of Lipids

1. They are usually found in fat droplets in specialized storage cells called adipose cells.

2. Insulation keeps your lipids and body warm.

Types of Lipids!

There are 3 groups of macromolecules that have to do with Lipids. They are:

1. Fats- Solid

2.Oils- Vegetable Oil

3.Waxes- Beeswax

Interesting Connections!

1. Some Lipids can cause mutations and other malfunctions to the body when you are born.

2. Waste products of a cell may include fat molecules lipids, protein molecules, or carbohydrate molecules.

Fun Fact!

Fats are actually a good thing for you to eat. The problem is that many people eat too many bad fats and not enough good fats. This can cause obesity and many other things!

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