As a recreational activity

Who is involved?

The people who are involved in the hunting activity is people who want to learn how to hunt. People who have been experienced teach proper knowledge and skills to others, they work with the landowners and cooperate with wildlife officials. It also includes joining conservation organizations dedicated to improving habitat and management efforts.

When does hunting take place each year?

Hunting takes place each year in every season- winter, spring, summer, and fall. Every season has something going on like in the spring months, the hunting season would be turkey hunting. In the fall months, the season would be the black bear and so on.

Kinds of jobs in hunting

There are seven jobs in the hunting industry that I myself, never thought about. Seven hunting jobs are a property consultant, a professional hunting blogger which combines your talents and interests into a career, outdoor photographer or videographer, wildlife biologist, land specialist, private guide and marketing.

Training required in Hunting

The kinds of training that is required for jobs in the hunting industry is the hunter L.E.A.P which is basically the learning education and accreditation program for people who want to learn how to be able to hunt.

The future for the jobs in Hunting

The future for the jobs in the hunting industry is decreasing because the younger generation has no sort of interest in participating in the hunting industry activity, therefore there will be no jobs for the trainers because of the lack of participants.

How much is produced?

Almost 25,000 red deer and other hunting animals are produced annually on U.S and Canadian farms in the hunting industry activity.

Where does hunting takes place?

Hunting takes place all over in Ontario. Northwest Ontario, northeastern ontario, and south Ontario are all the parts in Ontario that have the hunting spots available to the people who want to learn how to hunt.
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The average wage

The average wage in the hunting industry is $15,600 dollars per year for every animal that has been killed in each year but the hunting minimum wage is $56.30 dollars rate for working less than five consecutive hours in a day, $112.60 dollars rate for working five or more hours in a day whether or not the hours are consecutive, and $9.80 dollars per hour.
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