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May 16 - 20

Help us by sending your child's iPad to school charged and updated each day. Thank you!

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  • Important Dates
  • CAASPP Testing
  • Volunteers
  • 22.23 Returning Student Registration
  • TK/K Enrollment
  • Students NOT returning to PES for 22.23
  • 22.23 Student Class Placement
  • Annual Device Inspection
  • Temecula Library's Summer Reading Program
  • Summer Apple iPad Camp
  • COVID Test Distribution
  • TVUSD Facilities Survey
  • Thrivers ~ Optimism
  • Safety at Arrival and Dismissal
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Important Dates

  • May 2nd-20th- CAASPP testing window for students in grades 3-5
  • May 13th ~ PTA Family Movie Night ~ See below for info
  • May 19th ~ 4th Grade "Go West" Play
  • May 25th & June 1st ~ Wednesday NOT a modified day!!!
  • June 2nd ~ Modified Day
  • June 3rd ~ Modified Day
  • June 3rd ~ LAST DAY OF 21.22 SCHOOL YEAR!

*Every Wednesday is a Modified Day ~ Dismissal at 1:00 pm. (EXCEPT THOSE NOTED ABOVE)

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CAASPP Testing ~ May 2 - 20 ~ Grades 3 - 5

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Welcome back, PES Volunteers

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CEC: Returning Student Registration for the 22/23 School Year

ALL students returning to TVUSD for the 2022/2023 school year are required to fill out the Returning Student Registration packet in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

This is a MANDATORY process for all returning students. Any student who does not have a completed returning student registration packet in IC will not have access to a school schedule or classroom placement for the 22/23 school year.

Please note, if a family has current TVUSD students and would like to add a new, non-TVUSD sibling to their returning student registration packet, they cannot. Any new student to TVUSD, TK-12, must be enrolled through CEC. That is a separate process. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to CEC for support. Thank you!

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TK and K Enrollment for next school year is coming soon!

Click the links below to see the flyer with all the information. Please share this update with your neighbors who may have incoming TK or K students for next school year.

English - TK/Kindergarten 22/23 Enrollment Flyer

Spanish - TK/Kindergarten 22/23 Enrollment Flyer

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Will PES See You Next Year?

If you know your family will be returning to Paloma Elementary for the 2022-2023 school year then you do NOT need to complete this form.

However, if you know that your family will not be returning to Paloma Elementary next year, please take a moment to share some important information with us to help us plan for the transition.

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22.23 Student Class Placements

In preparing classes each year, the teachers and administration take a considerable amount of time looking at the needs of each individual student at Paloma. We place them in, what we feel, is the best environment to meet their academic, social, and behavioral needs.

If you would like to share the type of environment that you feel best suits your child's educational success, please use the link below to share those insights. Forms submitted with specific teacher names will not be considered.

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Device Inspection and Insurance

Annual iPad inspections and the opportunity to purchase insurance begins in May.
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Free Summer Reading Program

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Apple iPad Virtual Summer Camp

TVUSD is partnering with Apple again this summer and will be offering a virtual iPad Camp for students going into grades 2nd-5th.

There will be a four-week series, offering 'Everyone Can Create' Curriculum with students from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. on specific grade level days. (see link below).

There will also be a coding session for students entering 4th and 5th grade.

If you would like to participate in this voluntary, virtual program, please click on the link to sign up and a Tech Teacher will be contacting you soon.

Please click this link for more information and to sign up!

Questions can be sent to:

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We have a limited number of COVID test kits available for distribution to our families. If you are interested in receiving one, please email or call the office and we will send it home with your student. Thank you!
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TVUSD Facilities Survey

The Temecula Valley Unified School District is in the process of developing a district-wide facilities master plan. The intent of this endeavor is to define the District’s facilities needs for the next ten years. We are seeking input from you to help us determine what is important to our community. The District’s master plan Core Planning Group, in association with DLR Group Architects, has developed the following list of items for consideration based on-site visits, input from campus representations, and input from community meetings. We value your input.

This video featuring Dr. Jodi McClay will explain the Facility Master Plan process. Please take this opportunity to share your opinion with us.

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Thrivers ~ Perseverance

Paloma families ~

During the month of May, we are learning about the Thriver trait of Optimism.

In her book Thrivers, Michele Borba shares how to teach optimism: Model and Teach Optimistic Thinking: "Kids mirror what they see and repeat what they hear, so they learn pessimism and optimism from us." In order for your children to thrive in tough times, they must have caring adults in their lives that model a positive life outlook. Listen carefully to your inner voice. Do you hear positive or negative talk?

Step 1: Catch Pessimistic Thoughts: Everyone expresses negative thoughts. Teach your child how to catch these thoughts and practice changing them into positive thoughts. The never, always, and all the time thoughts can be changed by adding yet or almost. For example, "I am so bad at math, I will never learn my multiplication facts" can be changed into " I almost passed my multiplication facts test. I will get it next time."

Step 2: Challenge Inaccurate, Pessimistic Views: Pessimistic people typically think about the worst that could happen. Ask, "What''s the worst thing that could happen" and then have a conversation about it and look at the good side. For example, "What's the absolute worst thing that could happen?" "I could flunk my test and get an F in the class." Discuss how the likelihood of failing one test will not cause you to get an F in the class. Then propose positive solutions: letting go of the negative thoughts about failing one test and moving onto the positive. To avoid this, you could study more, and move on.

Step 3: Change Unrealistic Pessimistic Thoughts: Child, "I never get good grades." Parent, " What about your history grade?" Child: "I always get left out." Parent: "Reality Check! What about Luke's party? You were invited."

Next week, we will share more tips from Dr. Borba's book, Thrivers.

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Safety at Arrival and Dismissal ~ additional considerations

We need your help to keep all Panthers safe at school!

When using the loop to pick up or drop off your child by car, PLEASE

  • Please do not use the parking lot as an additional pick-up line. This blocks access to parking spaces, including handicap spots. If there is not an open parking spot, please pull through and go around again to look for an opening or join the loop pick up line.
  • Please stay in your car when using the loop. Should you need to get out of the car to assist your child, please plan to park in the lot and walk them to their gate.
  • Please move all the way forward as directed by the school staff.
  • Please do not wait until your child reaches the gate to pull away. Staying in the loop and watching your child walk into the gate, slows the flow of traffic. If you would like to watch your child enter the gate, please park your car and walk your child.
  • At dismissal, please do not stop in the loop and wait for your child to come your direction when there is space to pull forward. Instead, pull all the way forward and continue to move forward with the traffic. Your child will walk down towards you.
Thank you!
We appreciate your continued cooperation and patience.
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