The Process of Slavery Freedom

Finding out more about the life of a slave in the 1700s

The beginning of slavery.

Slavery began in America when there was needed help in the farms with the crops such as tobacco. They were first brought into Jamestown in 1619. "Slavery was practiced throughout the American colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries, and African-American slaves helped build the economic foundations of the new nation."

How It Was Like to be a Slave

Slaves went through a lot of hard labor. They had to work all day in whatever climate, no matter extremely hot, or freezing and the harsh cold. In return for their hard work they were given little amounts of food, and commonly lived in a tiny stick cottage that was too small to fit rooms, so they had to sleep on the cold hard floor, no pillows, little warmth. They also had to usually share that tiny space with other families so it's often cramped. Even the children and elderly slaves had to work from sunrise to sunset. They were not payed. If they did something wrong, their master would whip them a number of time until they thought they learned their lesson. They usually stopped when they saw enough blood, pain, and suffering. Although freedom was very limited for the slaves, they did have the freedom to marry. They would have to ask their master's permission first. Of course most masters didn't do this out of kindness, but to bring to slaves together to make more slaves. Which means the masters want slaves to have kids, who would be born into slavery, so that they're more slaves to work. But the marriages weren't safely legal so masters could separate families from each other anytime they wanted. Slaves had no deadline on when they could retire, or quit. That was up to their masters. And most of the time, slaves had to work for the rest of their lives, until they couldn't work anymore. Of course that means until they died.

The separation of one nation.

Soon after slavery had been frequently practiced it became common. But some people in America resisted this act. It was then decided that the Northern part of America would be against slavery. But the South was content with having slaves. One nation was split down in the middle, which was a problem.

Discription of Important People/Things During Slavery

The War and Final Decision

The war between the Northern and Southern states, called the Civil War, was partially caused by the strong disagreement on slaves. But also by the idea of separating the North and the South so they become different nations. The southern states believed to invest their money in slaves, and strongly depended on them to do will the work. The north however, did not believe in treating slaves like an owned piece of property. Of course, not every single person in the south and the north thought agreed with what their region was doing, it's just in general. But a majority of people thought the same in one region.

At the end of the war, the northern states won, and slavery became illegal.

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