Down By The Brook...

May 15, 2016

EVAAS Roster Verification

After spending some time yesterday afternoon, your EVAAS rosters are nearly prepared. The only adjustments left are budgeting the instructional time for our Resource kids, and factoring the percentage of classroom assignment for those students who moved in or out during the school year. I should be able to have this complete by tomorrow (Monday) evening. If you can please designate a time during CTM or a 45 minute planning time this week that I can sit with your team and ensure everything looks right. That way, I can make the needed adjustments while we're together, and get your EVAAS roster buttoned up.

Three Very Successful Field Trips

When Shady Brook goes on a field trip, we go big. Just this week, we had three MAJOR trips, all of which went off neatly without a hitch. Like many things, when things go smoothly, it just seems like it's easy to pull them off. We know that they're not, and the only reason that these very courageous and complicated trips went so well is because of the countless hours you all spent planning, and the insight, creativity, and proactive problem solving you all put in to them. And the result; Magnificent learning experiences for our kids. Thank you for what you all did to make them happen.

Awards Assembly, and End of Year Celebrations

Thank you teams for mapping these out early, to help avoid congestive situations and provide the best possible experience for our students and families. Here is the schedule of events:

2nd Grade - Friday, June 3rd @ 1:00

1st Grade - Monday, June 6th @ 11:00

3rd Grade - Wednesday, June 8th @ 9:30

Kindergarten - Wednesday, June 8th @ 1:30

4th Grade - Thursday, June 9th @ 10:00

Also; Our 4th Quarter awards assembly will take place on Monday, June 6th at 10:00 in the Gym. Please use the Google sheet Mrs. Osborne has distributed to communicate your class winners. If you have them entered by May 27th, that should give her enough time to get all the certificates copied.

Next Year Staffing and Building Plan

This Wednesday's staff meeting is centered around EOG training for Test Administrators and Proctors, which is very important stuff. I'd also like to take the opportunity, (without infringing too much) while we're all together, to outline next years staffing and building plan outlook. I promise not to add much extra time, but this is information you'll likely want to hear. Josh and I will figure out the best way to "weave" our presentations together, and let you know how they'll unfold.

D-Block and Specials Schedule

D-Block will continue for the next two weeks, and conclude on May 27th. Specials will continue their regular schedule until the last day of school, with the exception of school wide or grade level events that conflict, such as awards assemblies, the 4th Grade Moving up Ceremony, or Field Day.