How to Make a Stopmotion Video

By Brean Elliott

So you want to make stop motion YouTube videos, then you should keep reading.

You're going to need a few items.

Your object / dolls. Make sure it's movable, but your dolls limbs could come off because of force, don't worry if they doll fall off they can easily be put back in.
  • A phone/ camera. Ether of those things you do.
  • A tripod. The tripod will be needed for both when using the a phone or a computer.
  • A set plus furniture. A set could be considered just a blank wall. The furniture only if you want to.
  • Lights. You might need light depending on how your camera show the picture.
  • Apps and software. If you're using your phone you need an app but, if you're using a computer you need a software.

How To make Stop Motion

  1. Set up your stage.
  2. Make sure your dolls looks good.
  3. Place your doll on the set ( Have them in a place where they won't fall off/ out of it's place )
  4. Make sure your tripod is in place where it can see all of the set unless, if your dolls are going back to back from having a conversation.
  5. Take your pictures. Each time you take a different picture, Your object should move. If you are using a computer I would name each picture like 1, 2, 3, etc it would help later.
  6. Next we have the editing. Go to your play store and look up video editors. I use "Viva Video". It has great special effects, OR if you are using a computer get a software like dragon fire or Windows movie maker.
  7. Once you've downloaded the app, Go to photo movie. The only thing I don't like about "Viva Video" is that when making stop motion is that each picture has to be certain speed than you can proceed to the next picture. With A software you can load all the pictures and pick the speed you want.
  8. Now that your down loading your pictures, it's time to edit. You can add sound, special effects, subtitles, and music.
  9. Once your done you can post your video, Just click share on the top right corner.