Hidden Girl

By Shyima Hall and Lisa Wysocky

4-5 Overview

In chapters 4 and 5 Shyima is transported with her captors to a new home in California, and is faced with even more trials and hardships as she continues to serve the horrible family who forces her to work under a contract that seems to last a lifetime. She faces sleeping in a cold, damp garage, often without daily food and water, working under harsh conditions and poor hygiene. Shyima goes through mixed emotions as she tries to decide what is right- if her parents really love her, if God loves her, if her own life has any worth anymore. Shyima often misses the many milestones that should be celebrated in her family back in Egypt- but her captors never celebrate anything to do with her. She is

Historical Connection

Shyima's story proves to be a very important factor in learning about modern day slavery. We get a glimpse at what it is like to be enslaved against your will with little or no pay. Like millions of other children in the world today, Shyima faced a day to day difficulty of finding comfort, stability, and answers to questions that she had nobody to ask for. By raising the awareness of what it is like to be under slavery, Shyima gives individuals the knowledge of the hardships and pain that any child we don't suspect could be going through at a home that is disguised to look like any other.


Self-self: Shyima had problems with recognizing her self worth after living in a home who slapped, beat, and mistreated her when she did something they did not like.

Man vs. man: Shyima had a constant battle towards The Mom and The Dad as they always mistreated her and undermined her. She especially disliked The Mom as she was the most brutal.

Man vs. world: Shyima was full of disbelief that God loved her, and that he would do this to her, after she did nothing to hurt anybody.