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US Government shutdown

US government shutdown

In the US, the federal government shut down because the people who run it couldn't agree on something. This is a big problem for the country because all government employees weren't getting paid and all government services except essential services were shutdown. Why? Well, before the country can pay for anything, including running the government, they have to sign an annual budget. In the US, if you are injured or ill, it can turn out to be very expensive to pay for which is why they have health insurance. This is were you pay a company when you are healthy and if you get sick or injure your self they cover the costs. But this can also be very expensive so the democrate party, lead by Barak Obama, decided to pay for something called Obama care which is a cheaper government run health insurance. The Republican Party, who are in power in one of the houses of pariament, need to sign the budget the democrates are proposing in order for the government to run and they have refused. This is what caused the government shutdown.The Republicans think that Obama care is to expensive to pay for and will not sign the budget unless the Democrates take Obama care out of the budget. After a while, the Republicans decided that they would sign a temporary budget which should provide them with enough money to last until early next year. hopefully they will fix the problem before something happens again.