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Welcome to our first newsletter!

{HOOT! HOOT! Welcome to our new designers!}

Welcome to Team Faith, Love & Lockets! I'm so thrilled to have you on this journey with our awesome team and this amazing company! Here is the link to my welcome letter with some tips to help you as you get started:

It's a bit lengthy so don't be overwhelmed. Just read it at your leisure! :)

{News Feed}

Your News Feed in the Back Office is your GO TO place for all things happening in O2! Make sure you check it often to stay informed and up to date! Please reach out to your mentor or up-line for any concerns or questions.

{Friday Night Lockets Extended}

From the NEST: We know some Designers were having trouble entering orders last night, so we’re extending the Friday Night Lockets Pop-Up Shop through Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 11:59 p.m. EST!

Just a reminder, these Lockets can only be ordered wholesale. Use these Lockets however you choose (to sell at a price you determine, to give as holiday gifts, etc.), and don’t forget to grab one for yourself. You are a walking advertisement for your business, so wear one of these creations featuring our Locket Extenders to showcase these items! The extender is a great tool to generate more sales for you!

{Upcoming Regional Meetings}

Whether you’ve just joined Origami Owl® or you’ve been with us for a while, training is essential to the growth of your business! Our regional meetings are three-hour meetings with training tips, and an opportunity to meet your Regional Director and members of our executive team in a more intimate setting.

Celebrate recognition, help your business soar with tips from our sales team and field leaders, get motivated and of course there will be dance parties plus over $25 in free product! Seating is limited so reserve your seats now!

Atlanta, GA - Saturday, November 2, 2013

Registration: 8:00am

Cost: $25

Meeting: 9:00am-12:00pm

Hotel Location: Coming soon!

Special Guests: Origami Owl’s own CEO Robin Crossman, VP of Field Sales Ann Raulston, VP of Sales Strategies and Incentives Pam Mercado, and South Regional VP Janet Cronstedt.

{Getting Ready for Launch!}

Some important facts about our coming system enhancements:

  • On October 31 at midnight, your Back Office and the Origami Owl website (including your replicated site) will be temporarily unavailable as we transition to our new system. (Don’t forget to close your Jewelry Bars before then.) During these hours, we’ll be transferring - and validating - all the data. Rest assured that your genealogy, contacts, order history and commission history will all transfer to the new system.

  • As is true at all times, the security of your personal information during the time of this transition is our number one priority.

  • Please be aware that during this temporary shut-down, you will NOT be able to access your Back Office, or the O2 website (including your replicated site). Any orders you take during this time will have to be placed through our new system on or after November 1.

  • It’s been tested! In addition to being tested by your leaders, teams from the Nest and from the company that administers the system have invested several thousand man-hours of testing over 75 calendar days. Please know that all system changes encounter some glitches when they go live, but we are confident that these glitches will be minimal, and they will be quickly addressed.

{Hostess and Designer Lead Program}

Another great reason to grow your team and remain active!

When a future Designer signs up to join O2, or a potential Hostess wants to have a Jewelry Bar but doesn’t know a Designer, we send leads to our awesome Designers to follow up. This week, we’ve outlined how the Nest will be assigning these leads, going forward.


  • Designer leads will be sent to those who have maintained paid-as Senior Team Leader or above status for three consecutive months.
  • Designers must contact the lead within 48 hours, or the lead will be reassigned.
  • If a Designer does not qualify as paid-as STL or above in any month, they must achieve that qualification level for three consecutive months before they would be assigned another lead.
  • Leads are assigned based on geography.


  • Hostess leads are assigned to Designers who have maintained paid-as Team Leader status or above for three consecutive months.
  • If a Designer does not qualify as paid-as Team Leader or above in any month, they must achieve that qualification level for three consecutive months before they would be assigned another lead.
  • Leads are assigned based on geography.

So, get out there and rock your business to make sure you’re getting new leads!

{Reminder: PayQuicker Launches in November}

PayQuicker will make getting paid super simple. Many of you have already enrolled for your account, which we’ll begin using with the weekly commissions paid on November 8.(Some commission for October will be paid through direct deposit/paper check…see FAQ for more information.) If you haven’t registered, and if you’ve been with O2 since before October 3, you received an email last week with your customized registration link. If you’re newer to O2, you’ll be receiving this email link shortly.

If a Designer has not registered by our first payday, they’ll receive an email saying they’ve got money waiting to be deposited in their account, and letting them know it’s time to sign up.


To constantly grow your business it is so important to continue training. On our team and at Origami Owl, we believe in offering the most training possible to make your business a success! Here are a few great training webinars made available to you. Check your Back Office resources for all training webinars provided by The Nest.

***How to ROCK your Jewelry Bar (by Heather Hall)

A complete walk through of how to present the best, most profitable Jewelry Bar!

Here's the links for the two part training on Jewelry Bars

password: rockin - part one - part two

Expand your business with Facebook Parties (by Heather Hall)


Facebook Party:

Webinar that contains a walk through on setting up your Facebook page (by the Savvy Socialista)

password: oocall

Setting up your Pinterest page (by the Savvy Socialista)

password: oocall

Using your Customer Newsletter "O2 Connection" -



Cindy Hall