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We Are Eagles...Watch us SOAR!

Happy Mother's Day!

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Welcome to Our Last Full Week...

This is our last full week of the 2015-2016 school-year! Can you believe it?

This time of year can be incredibly busy, but I want to encourage you to remember that never again will we be together with this particular group of students. Take time in these last days of school to connect with each of your students individually and let them know what you have enjoyed most about them. We really never know the impact of such a simple action, but I believe that speaking words of encouragement and hope to a child NEVER returns void.

I know our work can sometimes be challenging, but we get to affect real change every single day! Change that really does make the world a better place. How many people can say this of their work? I am grateful that I get to work alongside all of YOU. Have a great week ahead!


Thanks and Annoucements

  • Thanks to Coach Idlette for coordinating another successful Field Day. I also appreciate everyone's vigilance in keeping our students safe of on this special day.
  • Congratulations to our Girls on the Run participants who completed their 5K race this weekend. We also appreciate Ms. Laughlin, Ms. Hudson, and Ms. Casey for supporting this group.
  • May 11 is National School Nurse Day. Thanks to Ms. Shuppert for all she does to keep us safe and healthy.
  • This week is also National Police Week...if you see an officer in our building, let them know that they are appreciated.
  • Teachers, thank you for completing the TN Educator Survey. We are currently at 97% completion.
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  • Monday, May 9 we will hold our final RTI data meetings in the library during planning.
  • Please remember to complete surveys for Stacy and Vicky. See e-mail sent on Friday, April 29 for links. These close on May 9.
  • Yearbooks will be distributed on Tuesday, May 10.
  • On Monday, May 16 @ 9:00 AM we will have our final school wide assembly of the school year.

An important update from Human Resources:

For licensed employees:

You will no longer have until the end of the calendar year, December, to file paperwork with the state.

All applications for renewal and advancement have to be approved by principals and Dr. Ailshie.

Do not delay! File for renewals and advancements at the beginning of the year your license expires to allow time for processing.

Maintaining an active teaching and/or administrator’s license is a condition of employment and must be maintained by all employees in certified positions.

Please contact the HR office if you have any questions or difficulty in completing this process.

From the ASC...


STEM Resources from NASA

Check out the NASA Education website. It has great STEM resources that provide student opportunities for learning, exploration of technology tools, and competition. Resources are broken down into grade bands (K-4, 5-8, and 9-12).


WonderWorks Offers Free Admission in May

WonderWorks Pigeon Forge is offering free admission to teachers during the month of May. Up to four additional guests may accompany each teacher and receive half-price admittance. Click here for more information.


Tennessee Educator Survey

The TDOE has launched its annual Tennessee Educator Survey. Please make the time to complete this survey which will close on Friday, May 27. If you need a link to the survey, please click on the survey's support portal.

PLEASE NOTE: There are weekly and school level drawings tied to participation!

Feedback on Science Standards

The State Board of Education launched the science standards review website to collect public feedback on Tennessee’s newly revised grade K–12 science standards. The deadline for providing feedback is May 13.

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