The Eucharist

Christ Present With Us


Welcome to the central hub for the unit of The Eucharist! This site will guide you through your learning activities. There are essentially 2 areas that you need to work through:

  1. Features of a Catholic Church and;
  2. Christ's Presences in the Eucharist

The headings mark where each of these begins. It is important that you draw on all of these resources at a minimum and work closely with your teacher as you work your way through from top to bottom.

Features of a Church

Identify the features of a Catholic Church.


  1. Table
  2. Virtual Tour

Be able to recite and explain at least 5.

'Presences' of Christ in the Eucharist

In this section you will learn how Christ is present in the sacrament of the Eucharist.

This is an essay addressing the question:

Explain how Christ is present in the Eucharist.


  1. Understanding Faith - Unit 12
  2. Together At One Altar
  3. The video below - Eucharist: God's Embrace
Eucharist: God's Embrace Ron Rolheiser, OMI