Miss Sumpter's Awesome Updates

3rd grade Class

PASS Testing

You have probably heard talk at home about this test that is coming up. I do not want to overwhelm or scare the students so I am trying to make conversation about PASS as stress free as possible. I simply tell the students that the purpose of the test is to show a group of people in another state what you know LOL. This seems to work and it keeps all of us from worrying and having test anxiety. We are also working to finish up this nine weeks, even though we are still behind on some things thanks to those snow days.


In reading we have been working on Folktales. Folktales include Fables and Myths so this is what we have been focusing on in class. Last week we worked on coming up with a definition of what a fable is and charting the characteristics of fables. The students even got to write their own fables within groups. This week we will try to come up with a definition of what a myth is and start to chart characteristics of myths. We are having a lot of fun reading fables and myths in class. Please make sure your child is reading at home, this should be an everyday thing.


Last week we started discussing the PASS Writing. We have worked hard on writing all school year long, so I have confidence that the students are prepared for this. Last week we took out time to look at the rubric, take apart prompts, and yesterday we even practiced writing a prompt. I want the students to be confident in writing four paragraphs: one paragraph for their introduction, two paragraphs for the body of their writing, and one paragraph for the conclusion. Please make sure your child is able to do this. I notice that a lot of students struggle with capitalization and writing in complete sentences.

Day 2 of Pass Writing includes multiple choice items. We will begin working on that today, and I will send some items home for homework.

Next week is the BIG day of PASS Writing. The test will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make sure your child comes to school on time, gets enough rest, and has a healthy breakfast.


Chapter 10 has been all about Fractions. Equivalent Fractions was very challenging, but I think the students are becoming more comfortable with it now. I will probably test Chapter 10 sometime this week, so please make sure your child is reviewing the concepts we learned as well as utilizing their online resources. Next week we will move on to Measurement.



In Science we are learning about Landforms and Water Features. The students have to be able to provide a description of each landform and water feature as well as draw a picture. The students will have a mini science project that will go home today. The project will be due March 20, 2014.

SC History

In SC History we are building up to the Civil War. I am starting to break apart the units, this will allow the students to remember shorter amounts of information. I will be testing on SC Seceding the Union sometime this week (look in agenda.) I will email the PowerPoint with all of the information on it. Next week we will start discussing the Civil War.


Dutch Fork Elementary School

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