All About Me

Joban Preet Matharu

Who am I ?

My name is Joban and I'm 16 years old . I was born on April 28 2000 and I live in Brampton Ontario. I am currently go to Louise Arbour Secondary School and I am in grade 10. I am a very nice and friendly person. If you need help with something I'm always ready to help. My favorite thing to do is listen to music because whenever I feel down or sad I play some music and that makes me feel way better and way more active. My favorite rapper is Drake. I love drake because he's from Toronto and he has made people recognize Toronto. I also love Justin Bieber because all of his songs have a meaning to them and it feels good to listen to them. I come from a very big family. My family includes my mom, dad, two younger sisters and a little brother. I am the oldest child and i have a lot of responsibilities because of that. I actually like being older but it's sometimes it's hard. I am trying to become a doctor in the future. It seems very interesting doing all the things that doctors do. My favorite color is black because I think that it expresses who I am. I don't make friends that easily because I want to get to know the person before I actually consider the my friend because who knows about people these days, friends today and enemies tomorrow.
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Toronto with my favorite people

In November 2016, me and my friends went on a trip to Toronto. This was my first trip with all of my friends together. Me and my friends walked around the streets in Toronto and we had a lot of fun. I love spending time with family and friends whether we are doing something fun or not. We all bought a lot of things too. I bought myself two bracelets which cost me $30 and my friend Tanya bought herself a bracelet too which had a Eiffel tower charm. Jewelry is so nice in Toronto. This was my first trip with my best friends but we will go on many more trips together when we are older.

My favorite Things

  1. I love listening to music especially when I am feeling sad or upset. Music helps me be more active. If I don't bring my headphones to school, that means I can't listen to music and I can't work as proper like I do when i listen to music. My mom gets mad at me for listening to music while doing my homework because she thinks it is a distraction but really it helps me focus and work better. My favorite artists are Drake, J Cole, and Justin Bieber.
  2. My second favorite thing to do is working out. I love to workout because working out makes me more active. I would spend at least 30 minutes on working out. I took gym last year in grade 9 and I really enjoyed it even though I'm not that great at sports. I took fitness for next year and I can't wait because it's so much fun.
  3. Makeup is my most favorite. I started doing makeup in grade 9 because every time I would see someone wearing makeup, it made me wanna try it too. I would always take my moms makeup and just practice wearing eyeliner and lipstick from her makeup. Now I started getting my own makeup and I love to wear it.

My Leadership Style

According to the quiz I took my leadership style is a pace-setter. I think that I actually am a pace-setter because when every we are doing a group project, I love to ask everyone what they wanna do and I tell them to do it. I always like to ask everyone for their opinion for anything we are doing as a group and if they agree then everything's good and if they don't then I try to solve it.

My Influences

My friends are my main influences. I love all of my friends because they are always there for me when I need their help. My friends always give me the right advice to whatever it is. If I am doing something wrong then my friends would tell me if it is right or not which is my favorite thing I love about them. It is always better for me if I actually listen to what my friends are saying instead of doing what I want. I'm just the type of person who likes taking advice's for everything before I actually do it.

My Role Model/People in my Life

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My parents are my role models. They are amazing. They always have tought me the right things and never let me do anything bad. My parents are strict but honestly strict parents are way better then parents that aren't. I would never do anything that my parents won't be okay with because I know they wouldn't be happy with it. They have raised me so well. They tought me to save money and not just spend it on food or clothing because saving money is important. I will always remember this and have money separately saved just like my parents do.

My Future

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I want to become a doctor in the future. At this point I really enjoy science because it is very interesting doing experiments and all these new things in science class. I would love to save lives and help patients in their problems. It seems like it would be very interesting doing surgeries but I will get nervous at first when I see blood but I know I'm strong and I will do it. I want to be successful in my life and earn money for my family.

Family Symbols

Quiz Results

My quiz result for the Trans4mind quiz my result ended up being type seven. Type seven is the enthusiast. I think that type seven describes me well because I am playful, high spirited and practical. I sometimes do misuse my talents by getting confused on how to do whatever i have to do. I look for advice's whenever I am going to do something new. I am also very impatient. I like everything to be done right away. If I'm doing anything I get tired of it just like type seven.

My result for the multiple intelligence quiz was that I am Interpersonal. People who are interpersonal are able to recognize and understand the motivations and feelings of other people. I actually do understand what or how others are feeling. Just by how they talk I realize that there is a problem and I try to find out what the problem is. I can understand how the person is feeling without them even telling me just from their expressions. The result also shows that teachers, psychologists and salespeople have this intelligence and I am most likely to become a doctor.

For the quiz on the Canadian government website, I also got the result of being interpersonal which means that I am interpersonal for sure. I did two quizzes and both of them resulted to having me be interpersonal. I am happy with these results because it really reflects me and my characteristics.

For the True colors quiz, my result turned out that I am a green. Green's characteristics are that they are independent, self-motivated,think a lot,likes to gain and share knowledge. I think way too much about anything I am about to do. Like for example if I am starting a project, I would take so long just to think about how I will be starting it and how is it going to look. A green's strengths are that they have great problem solving skills, and green's are big question askers. I ask a lot of questions about anything such has about a problem you are going through and I would like you to share it with me if that would make you feel better or it could be about some sort of work like homework.

For the 16Personalities quiz, my result ended up making me and Adventurer. I love to try new things without knowing what might the outcome be because I get too excited about everything. For the Truity quiz my result was that I am a helper. Helpers are interested in improving the lives of other people through your work. I think that this is who I am and this quiz is right about me. I love interacting with people. I would never prefer to work alone on anything if I had the option to work with someone or a group.

For the left and right brain test, i got a result that I am a left brain. My right brain is 50% and my left brain is 62%. Left brain dominant people are orderly, literal, articulate, and to the point. This is how I am. If I want to say then I would say it to you straight up but I would make sure if that fact would hurt you or not. I do things orderly like I make a list of things I need to get done and then I do them. If I just do them randomly then I mess up and can't get that specific thing done.

I think that the first test was most accurate which was trans4mind. The enthusiast basically is me. I am playful and always ready to try new things. I always get excited for anything new.

I think that the 16personalities quiz was least helpful because I didn't really understand what they said by adventurer. I couldn't tell if that is how I am like or no.

My strengths are that I am excited about things, I work well in groups, I am a helper and I care about others.I can tell if my friend is upset about anything and then I ask her as well about it . My weaknesses are that I am impatient, I'm not responsible, organized, and I don't make goals to achieve something ever. I think I should work on all of these things to become a better person.