Fly Girl

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Ida's Passion is to fly, it has been every since her daddy took her flying in the JN-4 "Jenny". But now since he died, the sky is off limits for a young black girl . World War 2 is at hand and Ida feels that this is her chance to fly again. But Colored aren't allowed to fly. Ida chooses to use her light skin to pass as being white. Will she lose her self before it's too late?
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Character vs Character: Ida uses her the lightness of her skin color to an advantage. She takes her dad's license and changes the name. Her mom is furious when she finds out, Ida is denying her identity. Ida is afraid that someone will find out who she truly is.

Character vs Self: Ida is having internal problems. She doesn't know if what she is doing is right or wrong.

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New Orleans, Louisiana. Ida then travels to Texas for the Flight Training. Ida also talked about going to Chicago several times.
"Women on the Wing"
Eugene Roe - Amazing Grace