This Is How I Learn


Visual Learner

Visual learners learn best when they are shone what is being asked of them. I understand best when I can see what i have to do.
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Auditory Learner

Auditory learners learn best when they hear the instructions or what they need to do. I am a auditory learner because I need to hear what I have to do to understand it.
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Multiple Intelligence BGFL

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Multiple Intelligence

logical- People how are good at mathematics and other activities;solving problems. This relates to me because I am good at math and I enjoy solving problems. Last semester I got 91% in math.

Interpersonal- You mix well with other people. You like to team games and good at sharing. I can relate to this because i am good with people.

Visual/ spatial-You are good at art good at activities where you look at pictures, finding your way out of mazes. This relates to me because I am good at finding my way out of things. I can sometimes draw.

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Right And Left Brian

Left Brain
  • Good at math
  • Organized
  • Make lists
Right Brian
  • Creative
  • Act
  • Likes to dream