President Wanted

We need the Perfect Candidate!

Requirements for the President

  • Must be at least 35 years old
  • Must be a Native-born citizen
  • Must be a 14 year resident

Great traits for a President

The best trait that the President can have is a level 5 leader. This job requires a man with amazing courage, who puts everything aside and does what's in the best interest for his country, and who surprises us by doing the unlikely. This person needs to have the ability to bring multiple, eccentric and strong personalities together to over look shortcomings to let the toxic minority cripple the majority. A guy who is a master negotiator and works hard to build a relationship and work hard for those substantial issues. Even though he cannot meet every citizen of the Untied States he has to build that trust with them through debates and touching them through the television. Finally a wise President will have effective and resolute decision making skills.

Roles of the President Guided Questions

1. The first role of the president is being the Party Leader. This role is basically getting the people, that the president wants elected, elected. He persuades the people to vote for them and gains a lot of support for his party.

2. The second role is Commander-in-Chief. This role is having complete control over the military of the U.S. The president can decide to use the military when necessary and can decide what is right. The military must follow orders from the president.

3. The third role is Chief Executive. This role gives the president the power to enforce and make the laws for our country. The president must administer the law or else his agencies will.

4. The fourth role is Chief of State. This role includes being a figurehead of the U.S. at important events. It allows the president to show his American values that a president should have.

5. The fifth role is Chief Diplomat. This role is interacting with leaders from other nations to solve problems. It normally is foreign affairs, but can be other issues as well. The president is in charge of making sure the U.S. has a strong foreign policy with other countries.

6. The last role is Chief Legislator. This role consists conducting meetings with Congress to figure out how to perfect and pass a bill as well as making the bills all together. The president gives his opinions to Congress to give them an idea of what the bill should entail.

Perks for the Job

  • Salary: $400,000
  • $50,000 non-taxable expense account
  • $100,000 personal account(food, entertainment, clothing, trips)
  • Living in the White House
  • Full Staff of Workers
  • Full access to the Air Force One, Marine 1, and Presidential Limousine
  • Full access to the Camp David Presidential Retreat Home in Maryland
  • Full access to the Blair House(Guest House)
  • Medical and Dental Care
  • Secret Service Preotection for 10 years

Ten Presidential powers

Commander in chief

Commission all military officers of the US

Make treaties with advice and consent of the senate

Appoint ambassadors, federal judges, Supreme Court Justices

Grant pardons and reprieves

Deliver the annual state of the Union address

Call either or both houses of Congress into special session

Ensure that all laws passed by Congress are carried out

Appoints heads of executive departments

He decides the members of the cabinet

Most Important Power

In our opinion, the most important presidential power is making treaties with advice and consent of the Senate. This is extremely important because the U.S. is the home of the free. Each and everyday people fight for our freedom and if we don't have treaties with other countries, our home could become a battleground where no one is free. The treaties keep us safe and keep us from worrying about what could come.
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Current World Issue

Today we live in a world where you just never know what might happen. It could be just a typical day until is turns from good to bad in an instant. Just like the rest of the world, you are enjoying your day when all of the sudden a bomb explodes in the movie theater you were in. Tens if not hundreds of people are dead and no one knows why right away. All of this is from ISIS. Currently, ISIS is gaining all of the support they can get to continue their terrorists acts to kill more innocent people all for publicity. This terrorist group is kidnapping, bombing, and killing people all over the world. The sad part is people are actually joining them. Even from the U.S. new recruits join each day.

This issue with ISIS that the whole world is facing, happens everyday whether we know it or not. Each day hostages are being killed by ISIS and they continue to plan their next attack. The attacks occur all over the world and everyone must be thinking one will soon be happening in the U.S. We must be prepared in case the unspeakable happens. Everyone must try to do everything they can to stop this threat from ever reaching the U.S. No one wants another attack like 9/11 or the Boston Marathon or any attack of any kind to occur anywhere, but especially not in OUR country.

If I had the responsibility of being the President of the United States, I would have several powers guaranteed to me that I would use to fight this issue. The first one is Commander in Chief. I would form an alliance with other countries to send military personnel into isolated parts of the Middle East to eradicate the ISIS group. Although they are spread out, I would work as hard as I possibly could until everyone in the whole world can go to bed knowing they don't need to worry about ISIS anymore. I would also make sure Congress is passing and enforcing extra security laws in airports to guarantee no attacks could happen on an airplane or at an airport. The trait I would use to help with this issue would be a level 5 leader. Using all the courage possible to work until I physically can't anymore to ensure the safety of my country. I wouldn't rest until the threat is destroyed to ensure the continuation of the freedom of the United States.