Olga Kay: An interesting youtuber

Olga Kay's History

Olga Kay: The meaning of a great youtuber.

Who had ever thought that Olga Kay would start off from being a juggler for Ringling Bros, then turns out to be a really famous actress, comedian, and youtuber all at the same time?

Olga Kay’s life

Olga Kay was born on November 20th, 1982 in Siberia, Russia. She was born as a miscarriage, and as her mother wanted to give birth to Olga after her brother, the doctors were telling her mom that she had a really bad heart and that she might have a high risk of not living if she gives birth again, so the doctors gave her mom a prescription so she can give birth to Olga Kay. When Olga Kay was born, the doctors said that Olga’s brain was going to be moving really slow like a turtle. So when the doctor told her mother that, her mom decided to take her to a music school because she heard that music can help your brain. After Olga was 6 years old, she told her mother that she wanted to work in the circus. After a while, she told her mother that as Olga was growing up more and more, her aunt owned a circus where she lived and joined it. Then one day her aunt got a call from none other than Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey. When her aunt took her Olga to the US, she obviously didn't know any English, so at that time she was a teenager, and at the same time, her high school diploma was in Russian, so by the laws of the US, she had to go back to school, but t 2nd grade. After her time at Ringling bros., Olga moved to LA in May of 2011, and couldn't find a job as a juggler. So she worked for commercials like Burger King, Dirt Devil, Microsoft, Smirnoff, and Verizon.


Olga Kay created Mooshworld.com so her MOOSH army can get to know each other, and so her fans can have a website to hangout and to see topics that Olga Kay want to cover, or because the topics are her favorites, or passion. She also sometimes puts out that she has shoe lines, clothing lines, and MOOSH socks. Olga covers topics like fashion & beauty, LOLS, lifestyle, tech & games, film & music, buzz, and food. Olga Kay made mooshworld.com in mid-October in the year of 2013.

Olga’s careers.

Like I had said earlier, Olga has worked as a juggler for many years, and also juggled for commercials, and was a stunt double for Ariana Grande in the TV show Victorious in a juggling scene. Olga was also on shows or movies like Dinner (2014,) Tube Top (2011,) and Wiener Dog Internationals (2015.) She sometimes works as a comedian on her main youtube channel, OlgaKay. Then she is also a gamer for many games like Assassin's Creed, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and many more.

Olga’s youtube life.

She has 4 youtube channels; OlgaKay, OlgaKay, OlgaKay Games, and Mooshville. Olga Kay actually found out about youtube when her friend told her to rate his video, and after that, Olga only used her main channel, OlgaKay for juggling so she can grab people’s attention and to try to get a job.Olga has created mini shows on her main channel like Emo Girl, and Olga Kay’s show. She has also done many collaborations with like Jack Douglass, Shane Dawson, and her ex- boyfriend that they have been dating for around 9 months, Toby Turner.

Now Olga Kay is starting her new success with being a popular youtuber, fantastic comedian, gamer, and a skilled juggler. Olga Kay sets many good examples for many dreamers: “Never give up on your dreams my dear MOOSH army.” -Olga Kay

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