Theodore Roosevelt

By: Meghan Nowels


Theodore Roosevelt was an American Politician, author, naturalist, explorer, soldier, historian and was the 26th President of the United States. He grew up in New York City and was the second of four. His father was Theodore Roosevelt Sr. who was a well to do business man and philanthropist. He attended Harvard and Columbia Law school.


The Panama Canal was built during Roosevelt's presidency. He believed that the he could take whatever action necessary for the public good. He led the American public and congress towards progressive reforms and strong foreign policy.


Teddy Roosevelt is important because he showed great strength and resolve. He made it very clear to European powers that the United States had control of the Western Hemisphere. Some very important thing Roosevelt accomplished during his presidency is the Dolliver- Hepburn Railroad act, Extension of forest reserve, National irrigation act, Improvement of waterways and reservation of water-power sites, safety appliance act, employer's liability act and many other things.