2017 Healthy CHOICES Day


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Every year as our school approaches prom and graduation season, Belmont High School looks to provide awareness activities around safe decision-making. In the past, this opportunity has come in the form of inviting a speaker or presenter in to share their story with the school. This year we did something a little different with the support of our administration and school staff. On May 19th, we developed a half day event called CHOICES which allowed students to explore the negative impact of impaired driving and explore healthier alternatives to encourage safer coping mechanisms. In order to make this happen, we called on the volunteerism of several community professionals to help us orchestrate an After the Crash Career Fair and a Healthy Choices Fair. We wanted students to have an opportunity to interact with professionals that would be involved after a crash. These professionals include business partners from the BHS School-to-Career and SADD programs such as local EMTs, firefighters, police officers, state correctional officers, state and county detectives, county attorney, CPR instructor/emergency room nurse, drug and alcohol therapists, recovery coaches, and human resource management. Additionally, we wanted to focus on positive alternatives to partying so we invited professionals who offer mountain biking, wake-surfing or wakeboarding, rock climbing as well as an aromatherapist, nutritionist, reiki master, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and yoga instructor. They all contributed to the positive healthy lifestyle theme of the day. In the afternoon, with the help of Chelsie Hubicsak-Muldowney who is the Youth Operator Specialist with Dartmouth Hitchock’s Injury Prevention Center, we were able to secure the NH Liquor Commission’s Mobile Command Unit Fatal Choices program, Melissa Fifield (one of three female Nascar race car drivers), and virtual goggles and screens for impaired driving. This was an interactive hands-on day that not only brought awareness to the student body about decision-making, but also allowed them to be exposed to several careers or activities that might be of interest to them.

Words from our students

Based on today's activities...83% of BHS students were positively impacted by the 2017 Healthy CHOICES Day to include changing their driving habits, eating habits, and coping strategies!

"This activity was very fun and educational. I got a lot out of it." ~ H.L.

"Very powerful speeches that gave a lot of insight." ~ B. B.

"This was a fun way to be informed. I enjoyed it." ~J.H.

May 19, 2017

Thank you for the tremendous amount of help and support given to make this event such a success. There were many students that felt impacted by the stories as well as the numerous activities that were provided. Some students even stopping anyone willing to listen to explain the impact it had on them. This was a huge success and an event that many schools will try to recreate for their own meaningful day sometime soon.

All the best,

Chelsie H., Youth Operator Specialist

Injury Prevention Center

Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth

Thank YOU Community!

This event was truly a community effort that involved so many stakeholders and demonstrated to our students what it means to be part of a community and that our community really cares about them. Our school would like to publicly express their heartfelt gratitude to the following people/organizations for either donating their time, and/or providing a gift for our Human Bingo Raffle contest which encouraged students to participate: Toni Mills from Align Physical Therapy, Brent Hoffman from Apache Companies, Arvidson Health Center, Melissa Guldbrandsen, Esq. from Belknap Co. District Court, Detective Estes and Batstone from the Belknap Co. Sheriff Department, Belmont Fire Department, especially Josh Huestis, Career Panel Presenter, Belmont High School, SAU Administration, Support Staff, Faculty, Parents, STUDENTS, Belmont Police Department – Officer Belanger and Vito (K9) Drug Recognition Expert, CHaD Dartmouth Hitchcock, CKO Kickboxing, Dale LaPlante from Dale’s Driving School (time and goggles), Melissa Fifield, Pine Knoll Race – Presenter, Virginia Fuller – Presenter, Judy Cook from Grace Wellness Center, Megan Myhaver from Highland Mountain Bike Park, Sue Rubbe, BHS School Nurse/CPR Instructor/LRGHealthcare-ER and Career Panel Presenter, NH Department of Corrections – CPPO Eastman, Internship/Volunteer Coordinator Tina Thurber, and especially Lieutenant Burke, Career Panel Presenter, NH State Police-Detective Shirley, Michelle Noble – Pike Industries, Raw Life Café, Audrey Clairmont and Reid Poosikian from Riverbend Choices, Chris Gagnon from Silver Sands Marina, Sokol Fit Club, Dr. Madalyn Otto from Whole Health Concord, and Denise Stark from Young Living Essential Oils.


Jen Gagnon, Student Assistance Counselor

Belmont Middle/High School

Amy Burke, School-to-Career Coordinator

Belmont High School