Puckett's Mill 3rd Grade Newsletter

October 14, 2016

A note from the teachers...

Dear Parents,

Below are just a few reminders/notes:

  • Our school is currently revising our redo policy. Expect changes in January. In the meantime, students/parents will be required to initiate the redo process by completing a Redo Ticket. You can find the Redo Ticket on your child's eClass page.
  • Mid-semester progress reports have come home today. Please note that you can always check your child's grades on the Parent Portal.
  • As the weather gets cooler, please make sure your child's jacket is labeled with their name. This makes it easier to locate if it gets lost.

Have a great weekend!

~Third Grade Teachers

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Sign Up

We will be enjoying the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on Wednesday, October 26th. To make the movie extra special, we are asking for parents to send in special items to enjoy during the movie. Please sign up if you are able. The link is below.

Red Ribbon Week: October 24th - October 28th

  • Monday: Red Ribbons will be given to all students. “Express Yourself” and wear Emoji clothing or your field day shirt! Mrs. Smith will speak on morning news show, encouraging everyone to “be yourself”and be healthy!
  • Tuesday: MiX iT uP dAy! Wear MiXeD uP clothing and express your unique style! Wear colorful, mismatched, backwards, etc. clothes. Mix It Up at Lunch! Sit with different friends from your class!
  • Wednesday: Wear Red Day! Students wearing LOTS of red may have a chance to appear on the morning news show! Red Pencils will be given to all students.
  • Thursday: Wear your silly, crazy, mismatched socks today!
  • Friday: Morning News Show guest speaker will talk about making healthy choices and being involved in positive activities.

What are we doing next week?

  • Reading - We will read a new set of paired texts on explorers. We will work on identifying domain specific vocabulary.
  • Writing - Next week, we will begin the Genre of Informational Writing.
  • Word Work/Spelling - We will work on the prefix PRE which means before. There will be a quiz on Friday.
  • Math - We will continue our Multiplication and Division Relationships unit. The test over this will be Wednesday.
  • Science - In science, we will discuss ways we can identify and explain properties of minerals. There will be a vocabulary quiz on Thursday, October 20. You can use our Quizlet Rocks and Minerals link to study these vocabulary words.
  • Social Studies - Students will begin learning about the life, times, contributions, and obstacles of Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony.

Homework for Next Week

  • Math - Students should complete their daily homework each night.
  • Reading - Students are to be reading 20 minutes each night. There will be a Reading Discussion on eClass. Students will practice getting to it in class, and can complete the assignment by Friday.

Next Week's Word Work List

  • preheat
  • premix
  • presoak
  • precook
  • prewashed
  • preshrunk
  • prejudge
  • prefix
  • prepay
  • preapprove
  • prevent
  • preview
  • pretest

Box Tops

Don't forget to send in your Box Tops! We earn 10 cents per Box Top, which adds up quickly.