Character Analysis of Viola

Analyzing Viola

Viola's Identity (Twelth Night)

Viola thinks of herself as persistent and determined. Viola is persistent and determined because in the story, she is determined to make Duke Orsino love her and she wont give up trying. In the text it says "After him I love. More than I love these eyes, more than my life, more, by all mores, than e'er I shall love wife. If I do feign, you witnesses above, punish my life for tainting of my love" (V.i.129-133). This proves that Viola is persistent because she has been trying to drop hints to the Duke throughout the whole story and try to convince him to love her. Viola thinks she is a girl who is just trying to mourn for her brother's death.

VIola's Gender (Twelth Night)

Viola dressed up as a man because she wanted to serve lady Olivia at first but she ended up serving Duke Orsino. Viola becomes Cesario and then later she ends up feeling trapped because she ends up falling in love with Duke Orsino, while dressed as a man, but she knows she can't blow her cover. She also feels trapped because Lady Olivia falls in love with her while she is dressed as a man. In the text it says "I'll do my best to woo your lady --(aside)" (1.IV.39-40). This shows that Cesario loves Duke Orsino but can't do anything it because she said that she would make the lady fall in love with you but she was talking about her self.
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Viola's Perception (Twelth Night)

Other characters in the play view Cesario as loyal. For example, Duke Orsino views Cesario as loyal because he/she stayed with him for many weeks and was a good servant and Cesario did what the Duke asked. The Duke is able to trust Cesario now because he/she is so loyal to him. In the text it says "Stand you a while aloof. Cesario, thou know'st no less but all. I have unclasped to thee the book even of my secret soul" (1.IV. 11-13). This proves that Cesario is loyal because the Duke is able to trust him so much to tell him all of his secrets that he probably hasn't told anybody else.
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VIola's Similarities/Differences (Twelth Night)

Cesario and I are similar because we both are independent. Cesario and I both like doing things on our own. Also, Cesario and I are similar because we both are loyal to close ones. Cesario and I are both loyal because I am always there for my friends and Cesario was there for Duke Orsino when he needed something.

On the other hand, Cesario and I can be different in some ways too. for example, Cesario and I are different because while Cesario is passive, I am not. When Sir Andrew came to Cesario and insulted him and then said he wanted to fight, Cesario wouldn't fight, but if I got mad enough, there probably would of been a fight.

VIola's Identity (She's the Man)

Viola in the movie "She's the Man", thinks of herself as athletic and clever. She is athletic and clever because she made the boys soccer team for a school and she is a girl. She is clever because she was able to hide the fact tat she was a girl to a whole entire school for weeks and she was able to find ways to get out of potentially secret revealing situations (She's the Man). Also, Viola thinks of herself as a hard worker. She thinks of herself as a hard worker because she trained non stop, waking up early in the morning almost everyday, to train for soccer so she can be a starter on the team (She's the Man).
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Viola's Gender (She's the Man)

Viola experiences her gender when she was told she wasn't good enough and couldn't try out for the boys soccer team only because she was a girl. This resulted in Viola in trying to prove herself to her old school that wouldn't let her join the team by joining the rival school's soccer team dressed as a man and she does prove herself to be good because she scored the game winning goal against her old high school (She's the Man). While Viola was dressed as a man, she was forced to act a certain way because if she acted like a girl, people would get suspicious. Viola had to talk, act, and dress like a man. Some examples of her acting like a man is when she would constantly say the word "Dude" and other lingo that man typically use. An example of Viola talking like a man was when she had to lower her voice because no man sounded like a girl and people would end up getting suspicious (She's the Man).

Viola's Perception (She's the Man)

As Viola, other characters in the story view her sometimes as a tomboy and athletic. In the movie, when her mom kept convincing her to wear dresses but she didn't want to and said she doesn't like wearing them, Viola's mom thought she was a tomboy of sorts. Also, in the movie, when she was on the beach playing soccer with a bunch of boys and girls, she was beating all of them and scoring all the goals. Her boyfriend even considered her better than most of the boys on his soccer team (She's the Man). While Viola was dressed as a Sebastian, they viewed him/her as somewhat of a spaz that acted weird. Viola/Sebastian always said awkward things that were unnecessary. People also viewed Viola/Sebastian as a "ladies man". In the movie, when they were at a restaurant, a bunch of girls came up to Sebastian and flirted with him. All the other boys after that asked him for lady advice (She's the Man).
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Viola's Similarities/Differences (She's the Man)

Viola and I are very similar. We both like sports and we both are intelligent. We both like sports because Viola is very passionate about soccer, so much so, that she went to the length of dressing up as a man to make a soccer team. I love playing sports. I have been playing sports since I was five years old. We both are intelligent because she was able to keep a big secret by using quick thinking to get out of situations and I am intelligent because I have great grades in school and I'm a quick thinker.

Viola and I can also be very different too. While Viola is outgoing and loud, I am more of a quiet person that keeps things to himself. In the story Viola/Sebastian are outgoing because she always says what is on her mind no matter what it is and I am a person that in a lot of situations, I will never say what is on my mind.