I am Number Four

The theme is mostly hero and anti-hero

Assignment 7

The most memorable character is Four from the book I am number Four. He is an alien from another planet and is trying to save the Earth. He and eight other friends will gain their own unique powers. The older they get the more powers they gain. The reason why I think he is a memorable character is because he never gives up. No matter what happens he keeps going but gets stuck. The good thing is that he has friends to help him. They all have one guardian to help them learn but a lot of them will not get a chance to learn all about what they need to do but save earth. He meets his new team mates to help him and he is a very nice person even though they are mean to him. He does not care if his friends are human or his kind, just because some of them are helping the enemy destroy the earth and they have no trust. Four always tries to be the best and win every battle no matter how strong the enemy is. He is also faithful and you can always trust him on anything because he is a loyal person. That is why he is a memorable person because I would like him as a friend.


"When you have lost, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope." -Henri

This means a lot to Four because this keeps Four moving on after he dies.