TMS BLC and Tech Updates

November 14, 2014

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When Giving Students "Free Time", Please Supervise Their Computers

  • If you are giving students "free time", do not give them "free reign" on the internet. Even if they are playing online games, some files are saved to the computer. Some students have have so much "junk" on their computers that it is taking up memory and effecting the performance of the computer. Instead, give them a list of options like Cool Math Games or ___________. If they are off of the sites you listed, then free time is over. What is your classroom rule or norm for off task behavior?
  • Anytime the students are working on their computers, you need to be walking around the room or standing in a place where you can see all the screens. Even when you think they are engaged, one or two will be "playing". Be aware of what is going on in your room.
4 Tips To Keep Students On Task When Using Devices

Click on the link above to for article recommended by Mr. Paslay. Email me when you have finished reading the article.

New Backpacks Have Been Received by the District

I should know sometime next week about when TMS will receive our replacements. The exchange is one for one, so all backpacks, no matter how damaged, will have to be returned. More details later.

PD Opportunity

  • IMPACT it Tuesday: Nov. 18: SAMR: Moving from Substitution to Augmentation: Led by AJ Parks. TNL# 12505 ADR SD5 3:30-5:30

Apple ID Information

Apple ID data is still being collected by the district. They will send all the information to Apple in a batch file, then Apple will issue the IDs. I don't have a completion date from the Tech department. Responses have been slow coming in. When I have a date, I will let you know.
How Do I Do on a Mac?

You may be used doing certain tasks on your Windows computer in particular ways. This doc explains how to do the same things on your MacBook Air.

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Jaye Parks - TMS Blended Learning Coach