Library Advisory Council

Join NOW!

Here is your chance to have your voice heard in the library!

The LAC is forming now to ensure the Velasco Library is doing all it can do for our teachers, students, and community. The LAC will meet monthly to address ways to improve library services and answer questions such as: Can the library be open earlier/later? Does the library have the resources teachers need? How can we encourage students to read more? Is the library going to be open again this summer??

Who can serve on the Council?

  • Me, the librarian
  • Administration
  • Teachers
  • Paras
  • Staff
  • Community Members
  • Parents & Grandparents

What are some of the things the LAC does?

  • Create lists of book requests from teachers and students
  • Survey students and teachers to address satisfaction with current policies
  • Help develop short and long term goals for the library
  • Identify strategies to facilitate collaboration between the teachers and librarian
  • Advocate for the school library
  • Develop programs to encourage the love of reading
  • Sponsor the Name That Book Team

Ready to make a difference?

Please e-mail me if you are interested in joining the LAC. Meetings will be held once a month after school. Our first meeting will be in March. And yes, I will provide snacks.

Our First BIG Project: The AR Nightmare (We survived year one but we need some tweaking)

  1. You couldn't pay me to do these AR/Library folders next year so we better come up with something better!
  2. Incentives are not working. We need ideas such as charm necklaces, badges, etc. We need ideas.

Check out the article/video below shared with me by Mrs. Ennis. Great incentive ideas and I am definitely ordering more series next year.