Weekly Message

Monday, April 4, 2016

Essential Component!

“Firm evidence shows that formative assessment is an essential component of classroom work and that its development can raise standards of achievement.”

P. Black & D. Williams (1998) inside the Black Box: Raising Standards Through Classroom Assessment. Phi Delta Kappa, 80(2)


Assessment Work: Focus on Quality!

Bring math assessment to continue your work on developing quality assessments. This is a working PLT and I will plan on being in as many as possible to observe your work.

Faculty Meeting PD: Focus on Quality!

Evaluating Assessments made by grade level teams All staff meet in Art room for a 4 to 5 min. time with Nate Hillyard to talk with staff. He brought the pizza for us before break and I said I would give him this time before you begin you work on assessments.


Farmer: K-2nd Grade

Porter: 3rd-5th Grade

Dearmond: 6th-8th Grade ELA & S.S

Hille: 6th-8th Grade Math & Science